“For you” & “Untitled”

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“For you”
For you, i’d build a bridge across the ocean
For you, i’d write a book for you to read
For you, i’d make the moon brighter
For you, i’d make the night longer
For you, i’d change the constellations
So let’s sit on a bridge and read a novel under the moonlight
I’m sure Febo can wait for us to reach the last page
Because tonight the stars spell “I love you”


Oh how i curse the distances
For keeping us apart
Physics say the plates moved
Two hundred million years ago
I could wait another hundred
But i’d rather try and push
My continent toward yours
I miss Pangaea.


Poem for my unknown love

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I can’t stop dreaming of that moment
When we’re walking along the river
On a cold winter night
Holding hands and talking, but all i can say
It’s a beautiful night to be with you.
I stop for a second to look at the stars
Wrap an arm around you, and look at the full moon
Get a little closer, and whisper in your ear
It’s a beautiful night to be with you.
I hold your body close to mine
Just to feel your warm beating heart
Now i know you’re alive, and so am i
So let’s live this night together
‘Cause it’s a beautiful night to be with you
We know everything about each other
Except the things we don’t
I hope we learn those along the way
Right now all i can say is “I love you”
And It’s a beautiful night to be with you.